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Online Community Space for Hospitality

Hospitality Hub that allows you to connect and share

E-demeter provides the ability for restaurants, farms, winemakers, suppliers and employees to connect share and work collaboratively.  Today’s landscape of technology is complex enough with trying to maintain a social presence our goal is to make it simple and easy for you to have a social presence and keep it current and relevant to what you are doing now.

We provide the ability to have business profiles that allow easy ways to list products and events. This can be as simple as posting a menu and wine list to a co-branded event between a winery and a restaurant or even finding entertainment to see how a night of music would affect your traffic.
But all this is driven from the individual so we have built in the ability for people to create personal profiles that allow them to connect to people in their industry.
It is difficult to handle all aspects of posting to social media alone so we have also implemented a  planner along with a marketplace that allows you to find resources and set the deliverables you want to achieve.

Market Place Vendor

Do you provide a service to the hospitality industry and looking for a new way to market and sell your services?  Create a profile and list your experience. We are looking for photographers,  copywriters, editors, human resources, promoters, video producers, bloggers, marketing, and artists to create profiles list their experience in the hospitality space to provide the best local talent and content.